California Dreaming

I’m planning a photo safari. CALIFORNIA HERE WE COME!

I’ve been to 37 out of our 50 beautiful states. Many of which were prompted and funded by my wonderful clients, but I haven’t stepped foot in California. This trip has been a long time coming. I’m taking my family for a bit of a fun vacation but also a photo safari. In the planning we decided since we only have limited time we’re going to have to fly. Next step, check your air miles. My amazing wife just happened to have plenty of miles so we decided to cut 50 hours of driving out of the equation. (that’s right 50) Don’t worry we’ll still have many hours and miles driving. We’re starting in LAX and finishing in San Francisco, but our focus is not necessarily LA and San Francisco. I’m planning on sharing our experiences right here the good, the bad, and (hopefully not) ugly.