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Big Shout Out to Chris Murphy!

Big Shout Out to Chris Murphy!

One of the best things that can happen is when one of your super talented clients/friends gets showcased in a national magazine and you get to be apart fo the experience.

I of course am talking about Mr. Chris Murphy, he recently was included in an article in Interior Design Magazine, featuring Gay Designers for “A World of Pride.” Very cool its a quick read and I’m super proud of Chris and I’m happy to have shot his portrait and his interiors. Here’s the article please take a look.

Another link you should check out is: hint: you might recognize some of the photos.

Now for the story behind the photo. Chris emailed me early Monday morning which was the same morning my flight was cancelled, I was supposed to land in Los Angles. It must have been kismet. I called Chris and said lets line it up this afternoon. Boom somethings come together nicely.

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