Nathan Harmon Photography

Solo Photography Gallery Show...Second one

My second solo gallery show, this time at the Conoco Gallery at OSUIT.

As I near the end of my time working with OSUIT, it was pleasure to share my passion for photography and imagery in print with the community. It seems fitting to have a show before I go.

I’m super honored and thrilled to share my photographic works with the community of Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology and surrounding areas. The gallery opening was August 13. The opening was a beautiful success filled with lots of positive and unique shared thoughts. This particular show was non-themed, more of a showcasing of work. I particularly enjoyed watching people view the works….some stand very close, some back away. It’s a pleasure to observe how people take in photographs.

On a side note, I’ve learned a lot about hanging a gallery show and how much time is involved. Being aware of the flow and rhythm of the images is very important. Also working the various gallery hangers can be a trick.

If you are in Okmulgee area or just want to see the images as they hang in the gallery, visit the Conoco Gallery in the Student Union of OSUIT. If you want a more private viewing, contact me in a month.

The show should hang until September 24th.

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